1. How long does it take to have my truck bed sprayed with XTREME protective liner?
It depends on the type of truck you have and if we are spraying over or under the bed rails. On average, most jobs can be completed in two or three hours.

2. Do I need to do anything to my truck bed before arriving at my appointment?
Please ensure your truck bed is empty of contents and free of debris.

3. How much is spray-on protective liner applied to my truck bed?
Spraying a bed liner requires 3 to 5 gallons of material, depending on the size of the truck and if over-rail protection is desired.


4. Can I use my truck right away?
Yes. Your new protective liner will be ready for light-duty use right away, but we recommend waiting 24 hours before any heavy-duty use. 

5. Is the patented XTREME protective liner material polyurethane or polyurea-based?
Our patented spray-on protective liner is a specially formulated hybrid blend of polyurethanes and polyureas. The fact is that both polyurethanes and polyureas have their benefits and strengths. XTREME's patented blend of materials offers the best of both products.

6. Are Xtreme Protective Liners environmentally friendly?
Yes, Xtreme Protective Liners are environmentally friendly and contain no VOCs or CFCs.

7. What about the installation of other accessories on my truck?
Generally, there should be no problem with the install of other accessories. If you have any concerns, please be sure to discuss them with us prior to having the liner applied. 

8. What are other suitable applications for Xtreme Protective Liners?
Xtreme Liners will provide long-lasting durable protection on almost any surface. Some examples are Jeeps, vans, boats, and trailers. We also have many industrial and commercial applications such as tools, equipment, and non-slip surfaces. Essentially, anywhere an airtight, watertight protective coating is needed.